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Can I remove scuffs from my luggage?Updated 9 months ago

We've designed our luggage to be as durable as possible, and so all of our cases are constructed with a 100% Aerograde, German Polycarbonate shell.

We're confident that your contents will always be safely protected. Luckily, if the unthinkable does happen and your luggage is scratched and scuffed in transit, we've designed the the shell to ensure that most mishandling damage can be remedied with the help of any good melamine sponge. We generally recommend the Chux Magic Eraser and a bit of warm water to remove markings from your suitcase.


The aluminium bumpers are there to protect the polycarbonate corners from hard bumps and dents with rough treatment. Unlike the polycarbonate, they do scratch and wear over time.

Every scratch is just part of your travel story with your July case. Like a good patina on your leather goods, the wear on the bumpers is an indication of a life well travelled.

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