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Care InstructionsUpdated 9 months ago

We've designed our luggage to be simple to look after, to keep them fresh for your next for your next adventure.


While our luggage is designed to be as durable as possible, sometimes the unthinkable can happen and your suitcase may collect a little scratch or scuff along the way. If you'd like the extra-layer of protection for your suitcases, we've designed a collection of luggage covers perfectly suited for your suitcases.


To ensure the long life if your trunk, be sure to store inside the included dust bag and keep stored in a cool, dry environment.

Scratches and Scuffs

Our polycarbonate shells are designed to shrug most mishandling damage off with cleaning. We recommend using a product called a Magic Eraser or warm, soapy water and a clean cloth. 

Every scratch is just part of your travel story with your July case. Like a good patina on your leather goods, the wear on the bumpers is an indication of a life well travelled.

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