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Leather Goods - Limited 2 Year WarrantyUpdated 6 months ago


Our Leather Goods are protected by a limited two-year warranty that covers either a repair or replacement of your item. Manufacturing faults on all our leather products are covered under this policy.

The 2 year warranty does not cover any defects caused by improper use, leather goods that were bought second hand or without proof of purchase directly from July, cosmetic damages, or general wear and tear generated from using the products and have no impact on how the products are used or their functionality.

If there is an issue with your July product and you believe it may be covered under the specific product's Warranty Policy, please reach out to our team here to lodge a claim.

Please note: Proof of purchase must be provided (ie. #GETJULY order number), without this we will not be able to process your claim. Cosmetic damage and general wear and tear from product use are not covered under our policies.


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