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The Power Bank.Updated 8 months ago

If you've purchased a Carry On Classic, Pro or Trunk, our signature power bank will come included with your suitcase. Here is everything you need to know about keeping your devices charged on the the go.

Where is everything?

Our Carry On range each feature a dedicated, spring-loaded compartment to ensure your powerbank is easy to eject whenever needed. Check inside the compartment under the handle to find your power bank.

Inside the Compression Pad of your suitcase, you will find a mesh pouch with included USB-C cable. This can be used to charge your Power Bank and any other compatible devices. 

The Details...

The July Power Bank is designed to fit perfectly under the telescopic handle of your July Carry On, Carry On Trunk, or Carry On Pro. 

It complies with all regulations from individual airlines, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), and Department of Infrastructure: Aviation (DOI).

It is a 37WH lithium-polymer battery. The 10,000 mAh battery has one USB-C, one Micro USB and two USB ports that can charge your phone and your laptop simultaneously. It ejects from the case in order to be compliant with airline flight regulations and allows for easy transportation should you want to use it for anything else.

How to Charge the Power Bank.

The Power Bank itself, is charged via the circled ports labelled "Recharge Me". This can be done via USB-C with the included cable, or Micro USB if you have a spare one on hand.

The black USB port supports regular charging speeds, whereas the orange USB Port supports fast charging for those times when your devices need a quick top-up.

The 4 LEDs on the side of the Power Bank, indicate it's current charge level, and can be checked by pushing down on them.

Travelling with the Power Bank.

While the power bank is designed to compliant with all airline safety requirements, it's essential that you eject the it from it's compartment in the event that the suitcase needs to be checked in. Please note, that airlines reserve the right to confiscate your power bank if it is left inside, and that lost power banks are not covered by the included 12 month warranty.

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