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Bundles and Promotions.

Not sure how to create your July Bundle? Want to know about upcoming promotions? Click here for more information.

How do I "Set & Save"?

There are two Set & Save offers. HOW DO I CLAIM THE SET & SAVE OFFER?. - Pick from our recommended luggage sets* on the "Set & Save" page. The luggage set discount will apply automatically when you checkout. - For a suitcase and travel bag set, add t

Do you ever go on sale?

While we may have promotional gifts with purchases occasionally and bundle discounts, our luggage and bags never go on sale. Most luggage brands sell through third party retailers and distributors, adding a markup along the way. As a result, by the t

Do you have any discount codes?

While discounts codes aren't commonly available from us, please subscribe to our newsletter for any stock updates, exciting promotions and exclusive updates. We sometimes send the occasional promo code out via email too ;). Please note, July reserves