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Care & Storage

How do I store my luggage?

All July Luggage and Soft Bags (excluding Everyday Range) come lovingly included with a beautiful calico dust bag to keep your July protected when not in use. We recommend keeping your items in a cool dry area to ensure the longevity of it's material

Can I remove scuffs from my luggage?

We've designed our luggage to be as durable as possible, and so all of our cases are constructed with a 100% Aerograde, German Polycarbonate shell. We're confident that your contents will always be safely protected. Luckily, if the unthinkable does h

How do I clean my Everyday Tote?

The Everyday Range is designed to be the perfect companion through all the challenges of every day life. To keep it fresh, we've ensured that the bag is completely machine washable!. Simply run it through a cold, gentle wash and air dry out of direct

How do I clean the Carry All Range?

Most scuffs can be removed with a bit of water and a towel, or a wet wipe, by lightly tapping and massaging the affected area. You may also like to try a diluted gentle clothing detergent with a damp cloth. Leave to air dry out of direct sunlight. St

Can I wash the packing cells?

You sure can!. Our packing cells are designed to be easily machine washable for convenient cleaning. To ensure the longevity of the materials, we recommend a cold wash and to avoid washing them with other garments to prevent any potential colour tran

How do I protect my luggage?

While our products are designed to be as durable as possible, we now have a range of luggage covers available for extra peace of mind. Our Stretch Luggage covers are available in range of colours for our Carry On and Checked Trunks, and we also have