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How do I personalise my item?

Purchase your July and make it yours by personalising your items from an array of beautiful fonts and colours. Let's start by selecting your item. Once you've chosen, click "Add Personalisation" above the "Add to Cart" button. STEP 2. Before you proc

How long does personalisation take?

If your items are in stock, personalisation will require additional processing time before shipment (depending on demand, this will adjust and be indicated before adding your personalisation). Please note that this processing time may increase during

Why can't I personalise this item?

All monogramming is completed either off-site or at our Collingwood HQ. If personalisation is not available on a particular colour, this is likely due to stock allocation being exhausted at our monogramming facilities. If you would like to be notifie

Can I return or exchange my personalised items?

As personalisation is made to order, personalised items are not accepted under our 100 Day Returns Policy. This is also specified before entering your personalisation details on the product page, and must be agreed to before adding the item to cart.

Is personalisation easy to remove?

For our luggage, Inked™ by July is made to last through the wear and tear of your travels. We use a special technique and ink that ensures your personalisation will stick with you for as long as the case does; it does not come off. However just like